Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dior: New World Purple / Aztec Chocolate 886

Fall is almost here! The coming season is my absolute favorite time of year. Chilly breezes, chai latés, and falling leaves make me so happy and excited for the coming winter months. I love winter, which is something that most people think is crazy, but who doesn't love to bundle up?

I decided to paint my nails to get myself in the mood for cooler days now that school is in full throttle. New World Purple is one of the first Dior lacquers I ever bought. This purchase was actually a total accident, as I meant to get another color, but this one ended up in my bag. They were really similar colors, and you know how department store lighting can be, so I pointed to the wrong bottle. Oops! As first I was like, no! But once I tried it on I was happy and I figured it must have been fate, so it stayed.

New World Purple is a raisin based lacquer with an abundance of golden brown shimmer.  This polish really shows it's true beauty in direct sunlight! Fantastic formula typical to Dior, this is two coats to make for complete opacity. This is such a warm beautiful color and has great lasting power on the nails.

I hope you liked these swatches! These are the first few pictures I've taken in my new apartment so I'm still getting used to the lighting in here. I think they turned out pretty well though. What do you guys think of this color? Love it or leave it? 

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