About Me

Nice to meet you! My Name is Rachael and I'm a university student that loves to be inspired by the world around me. I started The Possession Obsession as a way to share my interests with all of you. My love for well manicured nails is what pushed me to begin writing about my passions, but my content has been incorporating even more as of late. I write reviews of high quality nail polishes and also share snapshots of my personal life. 

Already showing my knack for organizing others!

Run into me on any given day and you'll find me running around helping coordinating events for my fraternity, organizing my space, and coming up with new ideas for the blog. As a marketing/public relations major, I couldn't survive without my planner or chai tea lattés, and I love being the host at any party! I'm creative by nature, so you can spot me painting or coming up with a wacky art project when I have some extra time.