Sunday, January 6, 2013

Estée Lauder: Tempestuous

Hey all! I hope your winter weather hasn't been too bitter and brisk! I've been a busy bee with new years celebrations and attending class everyday. It's been stressful and crazy, but I love being busy, it keeps me driven and happy! Here's a new color from one of my favorite brands, Tempestuous, by Estée Lauder. I've been working with a brand new camera, and I'm not quite sure I have it down 100%. The color quality on these photos is a little off, but I do think these show fantastic detail compared to my old photos!

This polish is a black base, with blue and purple shimmer. See the top right corner of the "E" logo in the photo above? That's what the color really looks like in sunlight. This polish is truly sparkly and shiny in person, it's quite pretty. The shimmer is quite obvious, even indoors, so the wonderful color shows through all day! This is two thin coats, and consistency was great. This polish is the perfect balance of fun and classy.

I have been consistently falling in love with Estée Lauder polishes, so expect to see some more in the future! What do you guys think of this color? I'm loving it!


  1. Ooooooh I love. Gonna have to go pick some up. Darks are my faves! Love the blog!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! I love dark colors as well, especially for winter. Thanks for the comment!