Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Deborah Lippmann: Believe

Deborah Lippmann has long been my absolute favorite nail polish brand of all time.  I have always found her lacquers highly pigmented with great consistency and lately she's been wowing me with some fantastic new releases.  Although Believe isn't a new polish by any means, it's still just as relevant as it was when created.  Summer is finally in full force, and warm weather calls for colors that invite light, warmness, and elegance.  Believe is a radiant soft white gold that shimmers brilliantly in direct sunlight while taking on a more muted look in shade.

You can easily see the fine particles that catch every bit of light in the image above.  Something about this looks so much like finely ground up mother of pearl, it a fantastic way.

Consistency of Believe is very similar to many foils, smooth and easy to work with.  Although a thin polish, it applied evenly and provided full coverage in three thin coats.

Direct light is where you'll see this polish's true beauty shine through.  The shine is so bright, I found it very difficult to capture in image form.

Something I would suggest trying with Believe, is the addition of a matte topcoat.  It adds a great velvety softness to the overall look!  I know I'll be reaching for this delicate color all summer long for my more formal events and occasions, what colors will be you wearing this summer?

Deborah Lippmann's Believe can be found here for $17 USD. 

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